What sets Face & Smile Vancouver apart from the rest?

We truly love what we do and it shows! We want to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible while they receive the very best dental care we have to offer. We take the time to understand what each patient’s needs are, and we never over-treat or pressure patients into unneeded procedures. Our goal is to treat each person we meet as a member of our own family.

Our team is incredibly committed to working as a partner with every patient to maximize dental health. We help discover with our patients the best solutions that work for them in creating and maintaining excellent health with the latest technology available.

We understand that a visit to the dentist may not be your favourite thing to do. We put enormous emphasis on providing the very best customer service available to ensure you not only get an effective and excellent outcome from your treatment, but also enjoy your time in our office.

The office uses hospital-grade sterilization, in which the instruments remain sterile right up to the moment they are needed. This is not yet law in British Columbia, but it is in Alberta. Our proactive approach ensures your safety before it becomes law.

Several different lasers are used throughout the office. They are the latest technology to minimize pain after your visit. The Waterlase MD from Biolase is used for tooth and gum preparations.

The EZ Lase from Biolase is used by our hygienist for bacteria and pocket reduction in gums. It also has a wand for biostimulation for TMJ pain.

The DIAGNOdent from KaVo is used to detect cavities in teeth before they are sealed to ensure that no cavity gets trapped inside.

NobelGuide from Nobel Biocare is used to place implants in the jaw without cutting or stitching of the gums. This eliminates pain and decreases healing time. It allows us to place teeth in an hour, and the patient usually leaves with the fake tooth in place.

The latest, most comfortable chairs from Adec, the leader in dental chairs, have memory foam. Each chair has its own TV and headphones to help you relax.

And of course, hot towels at the end of your visit to refresh!

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